2020 - Volunteer

Like to be Volunteer at our 2020 event?

An event like the Pre-WWII Vintage Car Show in Cronulla would certainly not be possible without the help of many dedicated volunteers, they are the heart 'n' soul of our event.

If you are interested in joining this very important group and donating some of your valuable time and energy, we would like to hear from you. 

Volunteers are required for a multitude of duties from concierge type services, traffic control, raffle ticket sales, entertainment and stage hands, office duties, etc.

Your contribution of time is critical to the success of our charity, Sylvanvale, so we hope you can join us in making the weekend special for our guests, sponsors, donors and supporters.

And every event is different, each with its own interesting twists - even though we work with old vehicles, it never gets old on the Cronulla Mall!

The Pre-WWII Vintage Car Show in Cronulla is looking for hard-working, personable members, with a passion for vintage cars, bikes and entertainment.

In the first instance, please complete the 'Contact Us Form' on the right hand side of this page and fire it off to us. 

Please also indicate where your strengths and past experiences would be of most benefit to us. And we will be in contact with you as the event approaches.

Thanking you.

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