2020 - Accessibility


The Cronulla Mall is a tiled, step-free Mall, on a single level which is suitable for wheelchair, scooter and restricted mobility access. 

We trust the following information will help you to plan your visit so that you have an enjoyable time at the Pre-WWII Vintage Car Show.

Trains: Sydney Trains offer friendly disabled passenger service to/from Cronulla Station. Ramps are available at all stations to aid boarding. Passengers who are sufficiently mobile are welcome to travel in any part of the train.

Space for wheelchairs is available at the end of carriages - look for the wheelchair symbol beside the train door of wheelchair accessible cars. While on the train, position your wheelchair or scooter in the designated wheelchair space in the seated section at either end of the carriage and put on your brakes.

Station Boarding ramps

Portable platform to train boarding ramps are the only safe way to board a train using a wheelchair or scooter. Boarding ramps are 80cm wide with a maximum load tolerance of 300kg. This includes the weight of yourself, your aid and anyone helping you on the ramp. All of our trains are accessible using a platform to train boarding ramp.

For complete details from Sydney Trains on Wheelchair & Scooter information: Click here to read more

Car Parking: Disabled car parking is available in Cronulla.

Guests are encouraged to arrive early in an attempt to secure parking that most accommodates their needs.

Toilets: Disabled toilets are available in the Cronulla Central complex with easy access via a ramp to/from the Cronulla Mall vehicle display area. Click here for a map to the disabled toilets.


  • Please remember to give way to pedestrians and travel at no faster than a walking pace throughout the car & bike display area within the Cronulla Mall.
  • Storage facilities for mobility aids are not available at the event.
  • Event Staff cannot operate mobility aids, lift or carry customers or mobility aids.
  • Event Staff cannot attend to a customer's personal care during the event. If you need this help to use our services, you will need to travel to Cronulla Mall with a friend or carer.
We trust this information will help you plan your visit the Pre-WWII Vintage Car Show. On arrival please ask any member of staff for assistance with opening doors or mall access. 

Please remember that our volunteer staff are always more than happy to help or assist with information, so please do ask if you have any specific requirements!

If you can't make our Show, you can make a supportive donation direct to the Sylvanvale Foundation at any time. Please visit their website by clicking on this dedicated link: DONATE NOW 

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