Wednesday, 18 December 2019

Promo for our 5th April, 2020 Show

17th December - 2019

A now a word from our founder about our 6th Annual Sylvanvale Pre-WWII Vintage Car Show to be held in Cronulla on Sunday April 5th, 2020...

Tuesday, 1 October 2019

6th Annual Sylvanvale Vintage Car Show 2020 dates announced:

Media Release: 1st October - 2019

Event founder, Ken Warburton said he was really pleased to announce the confirmed date for the 2020 - 6th Annual Sylvanvale Vintage Car Show. (Be sure to write this date down in your diary).

EVENT: 2020 Sylvanvale Vintage Car Show
DATE: Sunday 5th April 2020
TIME: 9.00am - 3.00pm.
LOCATION: Cronulla Mall, Cronulla Beach, Sydney, NSW, Australia.
COST: Free of entry fees for display entrants. Gold coin donation for spectators.

Peryman Square on North Cronulla Beach is one of our two display areas
and has the white sandy beach & Ocean as the perfect backdrop

After the outstanding success (once again) of the 2019, 5th Vintage Car Show held in Cronulla Mall and Peryman Square in April earlier this year we are pleased to announce that the 6th Pre-WWII (SPECTACULAR) vintage and classic vehicle display will once again be held on the tiles of Cronulla Mall on Sunday 5th April, 2020.

This community event is presented by the Sylvanvale Foundation, supported by the Sutherland Shire Council and our very generous sponsors, we can not forget the volunteers, for with out their generous support this event would not happen.

Participants and spectators in period costume
add to recreating the vintage atmosphere to our seaside event

All profits are donated to the Sylvanvale Foundation to help them support people with disabilities to reach their potential.

Our Vintage Car Show that celebrates (vintage and classic) vehicles built Pre-1945 is proof that car culture is alive and well, with more than 80 vehicles set against the back drop of the Pacific Ocean shows you the greatness that happens when gear heads assemble.

Another big piece of the Sylvanvale Vintage Car Show apart from the vintage and classic cars is fashion, much in the way that owners dress in period clothing at a more traditional concours event. 

Event founder, Ken Warburton will be once again the driving force
behind the event that raises funds for the Sylvanvale Foundation.

Our Sylvanvale Vintage Car Show is here to keep the automotive dream of the early 20th Century alive and well.

Event organiser and Vintage Car enthusiast Ken Warburton promises that the 2020 Sylvanvale Vintage Car show will once again be BIGGER and BETTER than ever.

I am looking forward to catching up with you all once again next year to support a wonderful organisation.

Cheers for now from the 'Shire'

Ken Warburton

Wednesday, 17 April 2019

Show Wrap-up: The Leader coverage...

The Leader Newspaper [print edition] was published today and we were stoked to see that with our Show's rip roaring success over the weekend, the Leader Editors in their infinite wisdom have chosen to put our 5th Annual Sylvanvale Vintage Car Show on the cover.

The cover of the Leader Newspaper for Wednesday 17th April, 2019.
The Editors in their infinite wisdom chose to put our
5th Annual Sylvanvale Vintage Car Show on the cover.

The Leader is distributed into every home and business in both the Sutherland Shire and St George areas, giving it the one of the highest readerships of any metropolitan newspaper in Australia.

Part II of our sensational coverage in this week's print edition
of the Leader Newspaper was on page 9.
Great photos by their Senior Staff Photographer - John Veage.

Great complimenting photos too from their Senior Staff Photographer and their Mr Cronulla, Johnny-on-the-spot - John Veage.

Once again, we tip our hat to the Leader.

Monday, 15 April 2019

Report: 5th Annual Sylvanvale Pre-WWII Vintage Car Show

Greetings all,

It is with great pleasure that I can report to you that our 5th Sylvanvale Pre-WWII Vintage Car Show held in Cronulla Mall yesterday was a HUGE success.

From the moment that I opened my eyes at 0430 early on Sunday morning & looked out my bedroom window to see what the weather was like we were under severe threat that it would once again rain & spoil all of the hard work that goes into organising an event like this in an open air environment.

Four Sutherland Shire residents & leading dignitaries; From LtoR.
MP for Cronulla and the NSW Attorney General, Mark Speakman,
Mayor of the Sutherland Shire, Carmelo Pesce, CEO of Sylvanvale, Leanne Fretton
and Cronulla Rotarian and Car Show Curator, Ken Warburton

Photo: Steve Core  

However the GODS were with us, apart from a few very light spots of rain during the day we managed to enjoy the fruits of all our hard work to present to the public an absolutely magnificent free Community Event. 

For all those 30,000 PLUS Vintage Car enthusiasts that strolled through Cronulla Mall & Peryman Square to drool over the 68 Classic Vintage vehicles that were on display on the tiles in Cronulla.

May I take this opportunity to thank all the volunteers that worked tirelessly all day to make our event such a success.

Cars on display in Peryman Square, North Cronulla Beach
close by the ocean makes for a unique backdrop.

Photo: Steve Core  

A BIG thank you also goes to all those proud Vintage Car owners that devoted their time & effort to show off their PRIDE & Joy of yesterday to the swarming crowds.

It gives me so much pleasure to organise an event such as this BECAUSE it raises money for a very good cause 'The Sylvanvale Foundation'.

My parents were the foundation members of this wonderful organisation 70-years ago.

Today, in 2019, the Sylvanvale Foundation cares for 750 people with disabilities to help those that are less fortunate than ourselves to reach their potential in life, and I am so proud & delighted to be part of that organisation.

A gaggle of pristine Model A Fords lined up with military
precision in front of the Cronulla Post Office in Cronulla Mall

Photo: Steve Core  

I must also thank the Sutherland Shire Council, Cronulla Rotary, the Sylvanvale Foundation & their staff, all the volunteers & every one else that helped make this day such a success.

A special 'BIG THANKS' to our wonderful Sponsors that selflessly donated their hard earn't cash to support this event, I am forever thankful.

My colleague, Steve Core who helps me tirelessly with support & looks after all of our social media business will write a more in depth report on yesterday's event, because my job has not finished as yet.

I must hit the roads & intersections of the Sutherland Shire to remove all the 100 Corflute signs that I placed around the 'SHIRE' to promote this GREAT event.

Stay safe, thanks for supporting this unique free community family event once again for such a worthy cause.


Ken Warburton

Show Founder & Curator

Friday, 12 April 2019

You can always read about it in the Leader...

As always the St George & Sutherland Shire Leader Newspaper have been a great supporter of the Sylvanvale Pre-WWII Vintage Car Show.
We thank them for the nice ink they gave us this past week in their promo pointer, leading up to this coming weekend's Car Show.
Here's how it looked in print...

Clip from the Leader Newspaper
10th April 2019

Thursday, 11 April 2019

We thank our generous sponsors

We would like to acknowledge all of our marvelous sponsors who have generously contributed towards making our 14th April, 2019 Car Show a success.

We thank them and simply say that if you can support our sponsors in any small way at all by purchasing or using their products or visiting them, then everyone at Sylvanvale and the Car Show organisers will really appreciate it. Thank you.

Thursday, 4 April 2019

Cronulla Mall Promotion

Today we held a successful promotional day for our upcoming Car Show in the Cronulla Mall. 

Like any vintage car outing you are constantly challenged with having to face the elements and today in Cronulla we had quite a few rain showers move through the area.

Early morning set-up in the Cronulla Mall outside the iconic
Cronulla Post Office - note the threatening skies above

Our Car Show's Curator, Ken Warburton brought out two of his personal cars to put on show for the day.

The cars were a magnificently restored Vintage 1930 Model A Ford Special Delivery Van and a rare, dual rear-wheeled 1929 AA Ford Truck.

Our Show's curator, Ken Warburton with two of his vehicles
in the Cronulla Mall today

It was a chance to raise awareness for our Show and our benefactor charity the Sylvanvale Foundation. And a chance to put a couple of vintage cars on show for the many Shire locals who shop and dine in the Cronulla Mall daily.

Cronulla Rotarians and Car Show volunteers, Ken Warbuton and
Neil Newbould point out the finer points of the 1929 Model A Ford
truck to some of Cronulla's finest & inquisitive constabulary.

Today we flew the banners of one of generous & annual sponsors; Color Tile of Miranda. If you live in the Shire and are in the need for tile or bathroom solutions - you can't go past the friendly & professional team at Color Tile.

Cronulla Rotarians and Car Show volunteers, Ken Warbuton and
Neil Newbould endure steady rain showers while spreading the
word in the Cronulla Mall about our upcoming Car Show.

The two vehicles exhibited today form part of the close to 80 vehicles that will be on display on Sunday 14th April, 2019 at our 5th Annual Pre-WII Vintage Car Show in Cronulla.

To read more about the 1930 Model A Ford Special Delivery Van CLICK HERE

To read more about the 1929 AA Ford Truck. CLICK HERE

Thursday, 28 March 2019

1930 Model A Ford Special Delivery Panel Van.

Our Show's Car Curator, Ken Warburton, penned this little piece for us on one his own personal cars that he will display this April in Cronulla. You will discover that patience is a virtue, once you've read this story about how Ken finally ended up owning this magnificent Vintage 1930 Model A Ford Special Delivery Van.

The long journey started way back in October 2006 when I retired after 34-years service as a Trolly-Dolly with our National Carrier, Qantas Airways.

I can remember the words my dear old Dad said to me when I hung up the wings from my last Los Angeles direct flight. "You know son, you are going to need something in your life that makes you want to get up in the mornings" how true are those words of wisdom. 

In September 2017, I became the proud owner of this
1930 Model A Ford Special Delivery Panel Van.
Photo: Steve Core  

I am a motor mechanic by trade, so I still loved tinkering with cars and boats. The opportunity for me to purchase my first Model A Ford happened 6-months after I retired. I was offered to buy a 1931 Model A Ford Delux Tudor 2-door sedan. This vehicle just happened to be burnt out and as you know I love a challenge...

So I bought the vehicle with the intention of a (body off) full restoration. Anybody who knows anything about Model A Fords will agree with me, that they are heaps of 'SHIT' however you can still purchase every part for them brand new in America.

Not knowing too much about restoring a Model A Ford, I decided that the best way to learn about my investment would be to join the Model A Ford Club of NSW

It had taken the previous owner 30-years to put this vehicle together.
A retired Master Builder - he constructed the body himself.

Photo: Steve Core  

The first meeting I went to in the Community Hall at Merrylands was really a blast, I thought that I was the only crazy person, until I started talking to other long time club members and owners of Model A Fords. I can distinctively remember talking to one gentleman at the meeting (who has since passed) who owned four Model A Fords in various stages of renovation.

The other club members welcomed me to the Model A Ford world with open arms, plus information and advice which I really appreciated. The President of the club invited me to a maintenance day for interested members the following weekend at Neville Jones residence in Baulkham Hills which I did attend. 

On that particular Saturday morning there were other club members that had driven their Model A Fords to the maintenance day for guidance on how to repair their vehicles. My 1931 Model A Ford Delux Tudor 2-door sedan was still in my garage waiting for a little tender loving care from her new owner.

In September 2017, I became the proud owner of this
1930 Model A Ford Special Delivery Panel Van.
Photo: Steve Core  

Now to cut to the chase. Neville Jones took me under his wing and showed me his beautiful 1930 Model A Ford Special Delivery Panel Van that he had been nurturing for 30-years. I thought to myself WOW !!! how good is this Classic vehicle.

Even a Holden man would have to admit these Model A Fords are pretty special and approximately 15 Model A Fords are headed to the 5th Annual Sylvanvale Pre-WWII Vintage Car Show to be held in Cronulla Mall on Sunday April 14th, 2019. (So don't miss out on these automotive treasures of a by gone era).

Neville's panel Wagon is unique and started life as an engine and chassis both dating from 1930, Neville told me that he wanted a panel van BUT could not find one. He had an engine and chassis so he built one himself. Being a retired master builder he sourced authentic parts over 5-years including doors from Bendigo and a radiator grill that had to be knocked back into shape after being run over by a Mack Truck. 

All original 1930's Ford tool kit
is stowed under the rear floor panels

Photo: Steve Core  

It was entirely built to original specifications from America. It has a beautiful tool box, Coachwood panels and etched glass. It took the span of 30-years to collect all the original and genuine items that are displayed in this tool kit.

I realise this story is a little long winded, however it needs to be told because as Custodians of these vehicles of the by gone era, I believe that it is imperative that we exhibit these iconic treasures to the younger generation whenever or wherever possible.

With the guidance of my fellow club members and friends, I completely restored my 1931 Model A Ford Delux Tudor 2-Door Sedan back to new in a little over 2-years. (nothing that money can't fix). I am still the proud owner of this Classic vehicle.

The engine bay and in the top right-hand corner
and inset - a 1930's genuine Ford branded oil can.

Photo: Steve Core  

Fast forward (10 years) to September 2017, I was away on the Model A Ford Club's Spring Tour in Mudgee, when I heard a rumour from one of our club members that Neville Jones, my mate from all those years ago wanted to sell his pride and joy. I quietly excused myself from the company that I was with and phoned Neville immediately to find out the real truth.

He told me that he reluctantly had to sell his 'BABY' due to medical reasons, however he wanted his vehicle to go to a good home. Somebody that would look after it in its original condition and that they promised that they would not turn the vehicle into a HOT ROD.

I could hear the sadness in his voice and said to him that I could be interested in purchasing his vehicle. So I made arrangements to visit him the following Monday once I returned from the Spring Tour.

On Monday 28th of September 2017, 10-years since I first laid my eyes on this magnificent vintage motor vehicle I was now the owner of this very rare vehicle and proud of it.

The previous owner and the man who lovingly & meticulously
put this entire vehicle together, Neville Jones

Photo: Ken Warburton

There was also another condition of the sale, Neville asked me if I would attend his funeral in his vehicle, and of course I agreed to his request. So far so good, I have not had to adhere to his final request as yet, thank heavens.

That my friends is the story of how I eventually became the owner of this 1930 Model A Ford Special Delivery Panel Van.

I hope that you enjoyed the ride, because I sure am.

Cheers for now... 

Thursday, 21 March 2019

A super-rare car to make its Cronulla debut

An extremely rare car in Australia will make its debut at our Sunday 14th April Car Show in Cronulla. The car is a 1915 Monroe. A US-built car, closely associated with Chevrolet, that was never sold or marketed in Australia. 

And this 104-year-old car rather ironically is tucked away in a garage right here in the Sutherland Shire - only a couple of kilometres from our Car Show venue in the Cronulla Mall.

Above: Here's an example of what the 1915 Monroe Roadster looks like.
Shire local, Ian Bourke will bring his Monroe to our Show in April 2019

Sutherland Shire local and vintage car enthusiast, Ian Bourke owns the vehicle.

Monroe - a brand not at all well known in Australia - so you may well raise the question - what exactly is a Monroe? 

Monroes were first built in late 1914 in Flint, Michigan in the Chevrolet No.2 plant, which was the former Imperial Wheel plant. The same factory where the Chevrolet Classic 6 was built.

One small claim to fame to Monroe actually has is that in the early 20th Century they had a major Motorsports win. Gaston Chevrolet raced and won at Indianapolis in 1920 driving a Monroe with an average speed of 88mph. Not many of us were around in 1920 to see that famous win!

Here's Ian Bourke's actual 1915 Monroe vehicle.
It graced the cover of the February 2019 edition of the
Veteran Car Club of Australia [NSW]'s Spit & Polish magazine.

The Monroe company president was RF Monroe, and the Vice-president was WC Durant. There was a cross stock-holding arrangement between Monroe and the Chevrolet companies.

1915 era advertisement for the
Monroe Roadster

The Monroe's final design was a cross between the 1914 Royal Mail and the 1913 Little Four, and shared many of the engineering features on the Royal Mail, and descended from the Little and Whiting. 

The engine was manufactured in the Mason engine plant, another company linked to Monroe Vice-president Durant. 

The Monroe Body Company in Pontiac, Michigan built the bodies for many early model Chevrolets. The Monroe Body Company was eventually taken over and absorbed into Cadillac.

The Monroe vehicle was included in all of the printed Chevrolet sales literature of the time and was sold through US Chevrolet Dealer network as an extension to the Chevrolet range, and it was tactfully lower priced than the Baby Grand and the Royal Mail. 

Ian Bourke's 1915 Monroe way back when he first set eyes on 
it in Cleveland, Ohio in 2001. It's come a long way 18-years later to 
make the cover of Spit & Polish magazine.

In a trade-off for factory space, the Monroe company moved from Flint, Michigan to Pontiac, Michigan in 1916. Then, just two short years later in 1918, the company collapsed and subsequently changed owners a few times in the next few years, then ceased production all together in 1923. 

Early 1915 advertising for the Monroe Roadster.

So while no Monroes were ever sold here in Australia they are very closely related to Chevrolet, and share a lot of design and parts with pre-General Motors branded Chevrolets.

Ian Bourke will be displaying his car with a little bit of 'spit and polish' on the tiles of the Cronulla Mall on Sunday 14th April, 2019. Just one more good reason to make sure you don't miss our very unique Show full of remarkable and unique vehicles.

Thursday, 28 February 2019

Why this '29 AA Ford Truck is nick-named Hoover...

Our Event Director, Ken Warburton, has had some nifty advertising signs made up for the latest acquisition into to his 'car family' - nick-named 'Hoover' - the vehicle is a rare, dual rear-wheeled 1929 AA Ford Truck.

Ken Warburton's 1929 AA Ford Truck that
once worked on the Hoover Dam in the early '30s.

With 6-weeks to go now until the Sylvanvale Pre-WWII Car Show day on Sunday the 14th April, 2019. We will be strategically positioning this truck in high profile locations around the Sutherland Shire to build awareness for our upcoming Show.

The truck is nick-named 'Hoover' because this truck and many like it, were used to construct the Hoover Dam between 1931 and 1936 on the Colorado River on the state line between Nevada & Arizona.

Keep your eyes peeled for this rolling '30s billboard
around the Sutherland Shire

Ken acquired the truck on July 4th, 2018 in the US and went through the lengthy process of having the truck certified to be clear of asbestos and imported the vehicle into Australia late last year to meet all Australian Border Force import requirements.

The historic truck is now accumulating plenty of side-ways glances on the Australian roads and as it springs back into working life once again - 88-years after it rolled off the assembly line of the Ford Plant in Dearborn, Michigan.

So keep your eyes peeled for our rolling promotional signage and of course the truck itself will be on display in Cronulla for the 5th Sylvanvale Pre-WWII Car Show day in Cronulla on Sunday the 14th April, 2019.

Monday, 25 February 2019

Ex-'30s UK racing Studebaker to join our Show

On the weekend of the 16-17th February, our Event Director, Ken Warburton participated in the 43rd Berrima District Historic Vehicle Club Rally, during which he managed to catch up John and Jan Grant.

This magnificent Burgundy 1929 Studebaker President Eight
raced in the 1930s at Brooklands in the UK.

John & Jan Grant are the owners of this is wonderful vehicle in these photos. The vehicle is a 
Burgundy, 1929 Studebaker President Eight. (Rego BL 1212).

The Grants have personally assured Ken that they, and the car will be attending our Car Show on Sunday 14th April in Cronulla. 

Commencing as a coach-builder in 1852 - when Stuebaker manufactured their
last car in 1966, they had been in business for 114 years.

John informs us that this and other identical vehicles were raced at the famous Brooklands Motor Racing track in the UK. Brooklands was a 2.75-mile Motor racing circuit & aerodrome built near Weybridge in Surrey, England, United Kingdom, opened in 1907 featuring a 30ยบ banked track.

The Brooklands Motor Racing Circuit (or race track) was the brainchild of Hugh F. Lock King, & was the first purpose-built, banked Motor racing circuit in the world.

Studebakers were built by the Studebaker Brothers in
South Bend, Indiana

This car has the same strong engine that Studebaker raced at Indianapolis in the 1930s.

The President Eight, which was known for being spacious, stylish and powerful, was Studebaker's top-of-the-line model for 1929. Over 100 speed and endurance records, some which stood for more than thirty years, were set by the Studebaker President series.

How lucky we will be to have the pleasure of this exceedingly scarce vehicle being exhibited on the tiles of Cronulla Mall on Sunday April 14th for our 5th Annual Sylvanvale Pre-WWII Car Show.

Don’t miss out the chance to see this rare and historic beauty in person.

Monday, 18 February 2019

Rare 1938 Ford Truck to debut at this year's Show

At this past weekend's 43rd Berrima District Historic Vehicle Club Rally, I managed to catch up with Stephen & Tanya Chalker-Holz & their son Mitchell.

What a pleasure & honour it was to talk to Tanya about the history of their very rare 1938 Ford 2½ ton truck. This Ford Classic, is renowned for it’s unique shaped grill, which is often referred to as a “beer barrel” grill.

Manufactured by Ford in Windsor, Canada, assembled in Australia during WWII
and pressed into service with the Australian Army.
This truck has been in the hands of the Chalker-Holz family
since 1946.

The Australian Government purchased 500 of these trucks from the Ford Plant located in Windsor, Ontario, Canada for the war effort. These vehicles arrived in Australia in a knocked down form & the Ford plants here in Australia re-assembled these vehicles to Australian Army requirements.

After the war, the Australian Government couldn’t afford to bring these vehicles home, so they were mostly left in the theatres of war in which they operated, like Africa & New Guinea.

After the end of World War II, in 1946, Tanya’s Grandfather attended an Army Auction in Goulburn, NSW where all surplus military vehicles were being auctioned off. You had to be a Primary producer to put your name down in the ballot to be eligible to purchase a vehicle.

Tanya’s Grandfather elected to put his name down for a truck & this is what he received.

This rare 1938 Ford 2½ ton truck is a family heirloom and has
been in the Chalker-Holz family for the last 76-years.

For many years this vehicle worked on the family farm & later was used as the local fire truck in their district until 1965, then tucked away in a shed on Tanya’s Grandparents farm in Mittagong.

Then in 1999 they brought the truck home to Gosford, to 
where the Chalker-Holz family now live, where the embarked upon a 10-year restoration 

By now Tanya’s father was in his 80s (a carpenter by trade) did all the timber work to return this vehicle to its former glory. Restored to factory specifications, including the original paint colour. The timber used in the restoration: The flatbed tray is constructed of WA Jarrah, and the Toolbox & Headboard are made of Redwood.

Since its restoration in 2010 this master piece has driven over 30,000 miles (48,000 kms) to Adelaide, Brisbane, Victoria & appeared in several movies including Hacksaw Ridge directed by Mel Gibson in 2016.

Before Tanya’s fathers death he was able to see his father's truck in this movie on the BIG screen. Tanya’s Dad just shook his head & could not believe that his father's farm truck & the truck he learnt to drive in as a 15-year-old was now in a Hollywood movie.

Restored to factory specifications, including the original paint colour.
The timber used in the restoration: The flatbed tray is constructed of WA Jarrah,
and the Toolbox & Headboard are made of Redwood.

Stephen & Tanya were telling me that their son Mitchell will eventually inherit this truck which he is very proud of. So it certainly looks like this automotive relic from another era will stay in the loving hands of the Chalker-Holz family for a 4th generation.

Now the best news about to come... 

The Chalker-Holz family have assured me that their pride & joy (this unique 1938 Ford Truck) will be on exhibition at Cronulla for our 5th Sylvanvale Pre-WWII Car Show on Sunday April 14th, 2019 to help raise much needed funds for the Sylvanvale Foundation to support people with disabilities to reach their potential.


As the event organiser I am delighted that 20,000+ Motor Enthusiasts will be able to enjoy this very, very special part of history right here on the tiles of Cronulla Mall on Sunday, April 14th, 2019.

See you there,

Ken Warburton

Monday, 11 February 2019

Slight changes to 2019 Event timings....

Hi folks, we are just fine tuning our event details for our grand, one-day Show scheduled for Sunday 14th April, 2019 in Cronulla.

Please note that our timings for the day event have changed slightly.

The Show commences at 9:00am and begins to wrap-up from 3:00pm. 

So make sure you plan your visit to Cronulla during that 6-hour window to take best advantage of all the magnificent cars on display in our two separate locations: both in the Cronulla Mall and in Peryman Square down on North Cronulla beach.

The event is presented by Sylvanvale and proudly supported by the Rotary Club of Cronulla and the Sutherland Shire Council.