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Rare '30s Model A Ford Wagon to make its Shire debut in April

From 1910 through to the early 1920s, the Ford Motor Company dominated the world's automotive market with its revolutionary and popular Model T Ford vehicle. 

Ford ruled the road for over a decade until various competitors and divisions of General Motors starting catching up with Ford by introducing enhanced production techniques and features which began eroding the Ford dominance of the market.

The Model A Ford was introduced by Ford in 1928 to replace the Model T Ford, which was regarded as the first affordable car that seduced middle America into motoring. The Model T Ford had been in production for some 18-years, selling a whopping 16.5 million units.

Event Organiser, Ken Warburton poses with his latest acquisition;
an original 1930 Model A Ford Special Delivery Wagon.
This rare vehicle will be on display in Cronulla on 15th April, 2018

The Model A Ford was the successor to the Model T Ford. This year, 2018, marks the 90th Anniversary of the Model A Ford's world-wide debut. You would have to think that even the staunchest Holden man would have to admit these Model A Fords are something pretty special. 

Event Organiser Ken Warburton of Cronulla is an active member of the Model A Ford Club of NSW. Ken noted that the club had grown from 13 members when it was founded 48-years ago in 1970 to more than 140 members today.

A keen Model A Ford enthusiast, Ken has recently purchased a 1930 Model A Ford, Special Delivery Wagon, which in itself is a extremely rare and unique. It started life as just an original Model A Ford engine and chassis
 both dating from 1930.

1930 Model A Ford, Special Delivery Wagon
featuring craftsman-built, rear Coachwood-paneled wagon
and etched rear door windows

The van's previous owner was searching for years for a Model A Ford panel van but could not find one, he already had in his possession a Model A Ford engine and chassis. The retired Master Builder & Carpenter began gathering authentic Model A Ford parts over many years including cabin front doors from Bendigo and a radiator grill that had to be knocked back into shape after being run over by a Mack truck.

Over time, the vehicle was carefully constructed to meet all original specifications sourced from leading collectors in America. 

The 'wagon body' of the car features all Australian Coachwood panels, known for its straight and finely textured grain. The native Coachwood was so named because it was the chosen wood of many early coach builders in Australia.

In addition to the craftsmanship that went into the body building, the car also features a beautiful wooden tool box. Neatly recessed in the rear cargo floor's wheel well it took over 30-years to individually collect the mostly Ford branded items featured in the box. 

A rare collection of mostly Ford made original tools from the 1930s
are housed in a custom wooden box in the rear wheel well

This particular vehicle along with 
15 other various Model A Fords will be on display at Cronulla Mall on Sunday April 15th 2018 at the Pre-WWII Vintage Car and Bike show. Along with scores of magnificent Vintage and Classic Vehicles plus Vintage Motor bikes in this multi-million dollar spectacular to be held on the tiles of Cronulla Mall.

This year, all funds raised at this event will go toward our Sylvanvale Kids Club. Our kids club is vital to the Sutherland Shire and surrounding communities. Sylvanvale Kids Club ensures that school aged children with disabilities are cared for after school, during school holidays and on the week ends.

Sylvanvale Kids Club is life changing for children and their families. It gives parents the opportunity - and peace of mind - to go to work and to get through the multitude of things they need to get done every day, just like any other family. 

Original 1930 Ford branded oil can rests
on the fire wall of the engine bay

Ken said that this year's Car Show will be our 4th annual event, so don't miss out on this wonderful display of vehicles and bikes from a bygone era. It's vital to make an entry onto your calendars and diaries for Sunday April 15th 2018, this is a local community event that should not be missed.

See you there.

Photos: Steve Core

EVENT: Pre-WWII Vintage Car & Bike Show
DATE: Sunday 15th April, 2018

TIME: 9:00am to 4:00pm
LOCATION: Cronulla Mall, Cronulla, NSW

& Peryman Square on North Cronulla Beach

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