Friday, 17 March 2017

New for 2017: A 1916 Chevrolet Baby Grand

Another car making its debut appearance at this year's show is a car similar to the one shown in these photographs. A 1916 Chevrolet Baby Grand.

The car that will be at our Show has some impressive pedigree and was purchased in the US from the Hershey Estate [as in world famous Hershey Chocolates, Pennsylvania].

New this year: 1916 Chevrolet Baby Grand
The first model to ever feature the 
famous Chevrolet blue 'bow-tie' logo

Accessories: In 1915 Chevrolet offered a single accessory package on the Baby Grand. It consisted of two very significant upgrades - electric headlights and an electric starter. In 1915, that additional optional package was approximately 10% of the price of the car. By 1916 it was added to the cars as standard equipment.

Why is it called a Baby Grand? Because it was the first car that Chevrolet ever sold for UNDER a thousand dollars. $975 to be exact. The following year it was $750!

A Baby Grand manufacturer's plate
mounted on the dashboard
The Baby Grand was one of the first automobiles made by Chevrolet under W.C. Durant, GM's founder. It was part of his idea to build a car to compete with the very popular and cheap Model T Ford. 

When it first came out, it was priced at $875 as a four door, 5-passenger touring car (a 1914 Model T Ford tourer was $500). A speedometer was standard. One advantage over a Model T Ford was that a Baby Grand could get have an electric starter (the Model T Ford did not get them until 1919).

Set to appear in Cronulla:
1916 Chevrolet Baby Grand

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