Thursday, 23 February 2017

In 2017; expect to see: 1938 Packard Convertible

Event Director, Ken Warburton has promised plenty of variety this year at our Show.

Here's an example of a car that will be making it's debut showing on Sunday, March 19th in Cronulla.

We'll be seeing a magnificent, elegant '30's era car. A 1938 Packard 120, straight 8 convertible.

1938 Packard 120, straight 8 convertible.
In its introduction year, the Packard One-Twenty was available in a broad array of body styles including two and four-door sedans, convertible and Club Coupe. 

The One-Twenty, weighing in at 3,688 lb (1,673 kg),was powered by an all-new Packard aluminum-head, in-line [straight] eight producing 110 bhp (82 kW) at 3850 rpm.

Prices ranged from US$980 for the three-passenger business coupe to US$1,095 for the Touring Sedan. 

Introduced in January 1935, the car was an immediate success with consumers, with Packard producing 24,995 One-Twentys, compared to 7,000 of all other type Packards for the year.

Another fine example of a
1938 Packard 120, straight 8 convertible.

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