Tuesday, 28 February 2017

New for 2017: 1922 Dodge Semi-Trailer

Event Director, Ken Warburton is always casting an eye out in an endless effort to find unique and interesting vehicles for our show. 

This little beauty is a real coup. A 1922 Dodge Semi-Trailer from Warilla on the NSW South Coast. 

The owner's name is John Churchill, he is 81 years young, he recently a agreed to join us on Sunday 19th March 2017.

Rare: 1922 Dodge Semi-Trailer

In a twist of bad luck, John was in a rally last weekend and unfortunately ran into a hail storm that caused BIG damage to the truck's radiator. [see photo below]. 

Faced with a damage repair bill of around $2,500.00, Bill has had to order a new custom radiator to be made up in time for our show. He is hoping that insurance will cover the replacement cost.

Recent hail damage to the radiator

Rare: All-Go Removals
1922 Dodge Semi-Trailer

The wood-finished articulated tray on the
1922 Dodge Semi-Trailer

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