Tuesday, 28 February 2017

New for 2017: 1922 Dodge Semi-Trailer

Event Director, Ken Warburton is always casting an eye out in an endless effort to find unique and interesting vehicles for our show. 

This little beauty is a real coup. A 1922 Dodge Semi-Trailer from Warilla on the NSW South Coast. 

The owner's name is John Churchill, he is 81 years young, he recently a agreed to join us on Sunday 19th March 2017.

Rare: 1922 Dodge Semi-Trailer

In a twist of bad luck, John was in a rally last weekend and unfortunately ran into a hail storm that caused BIG damage to the truck's radiator. [see photo below]. 

Faced with a damage repair bill of around $2,500.00, Bill has had to order a new custom radiator to be made up in time for our show. He is hoping that insurance will cover the replacement cost.

Recent hail damage to the radiator

Rare: All-Go Removals
1922 Dodge Semi-Trailer

The wood-finished articulated tray on the
1922 Dodge Semi-Trailer

Monday, 27 February 2017

Loftus: 2017 Vintage Tramway Festival

WRAP UP:  We had a brilliant day on Sunday showing some of the cars from the upcoming the Cronulla Pre-WWII Vintage Car & Bike Show at the Sydney Tramway Museum's open day at their Loftus headquarters.

Ken Warburton's 1931 Model A Ford, 2-door,
Tudor Deluxe sedan below the signal box
at the Loftus Tramway Museum

The Museum's 2017 Vintage Tramway Festival landed on it's feet with the weather on what started out a rainy morning turned into beautiful, clear sunshine.

Festival goers were treated to what organisers are calling the best open day ever.

A-frame sandwich boards promote our
Pre-WII Vintage Car & Bike Show and 

Vintage Train rides for March 19th in Cronulla.

Thousands of people, including many family groups, took advantage of the Open Day to ride the rails and experience the feeling of riding aboard some of the Museum's most rare and iconic trams. 

Many of the older folk said they were transported back to their childhoods as the relived the glory days of riding through Sydney's streets on a toast-rack Sydney tram.

Model A Ford Club, NSW logo

We were happy to help out the hard working team of Volunteers who keep the Tramway Museum up and running. Great job guys.

The Museum is well worth a visit, there is so much to see and absorb in their massive collection of trams, support equipment, extraordinary photos and information. They have close to 100 historically significant trams which celebrate the history and the evolution of these magnificent machines.

To check out the Sydney Tramway Museum website click here

Thursday, 23 February 2017

We supply cars for the Vintage Tramway Festival 2017

The Sydney Tramway Museum at Loftus is putting on an open day on Sunday 26th February, 2017 and Cronulla's pre-WWII Vintage Car & Bike Show will be helping out by providing some vintage cars for display to help create the mood for the exciting Vintage Tramway Festival 2017

Our Event Director, Ken Warburton will providing three of his personal cars on the day. 

Ken will be taking along his 1931 Model A Ford Cabriolet, his 1931 Model A, 2-door, Tudor Deluxe Sedan and his 1929 Model A Ford Roadster.

Ken's 1931 Model A Ford Cabriolet always draws
a crowd when it's out and about.
Here; curious onlookers gather for a closer look 
at Stanwell Tops.
The Tramway Museum will offering a sensational open day with tram rides for all when they bring out some of the rarer trams in their collection.

Check the Sydney Tram Museum's
website for full details

Nothing like the feeling of the 
open road by the the sea ...
Driving in Ken's 1931 Model A Ford Cabriolet 
on the Seacliffe Bridge.

To obtain full details on the Vintage Tramway Festival 2017   click here

To check the Tramway Museum' Facebook pages click here

In 2017; expect to see: 1930 Chrysler 66 Roadster

Australian Television personality and avid vintage car enthusiast, Dennis Ballard, will displaying one of his cars on Sunday March 19th in Cronulla.

The first Chrysler automobile to appear on American roads was a 1924 model, and Walter P. Chrysler's new car enjoyed immediate success.

This 1930 Model 66 two-person coupe is one of 1,600 built during the 1929 and 1930 period. The Depression years were devastating for the US Automobile Industry and for the luxury automobile market in particular.

Very sporty for the 1930s.

1930 Chrysler 66 Roadster
The 66 in title came from the vehicle's 
top speed of 66 mph.

1930 Chrysler 66 Roadster

The Model 66 was named for its 66 mph top speed. This particular car is the first of twelve two-person coupes built in 1931 as a carryover model. Unique to these twelve cars is the curved headlight bar, and the model 66 emblem. 

This Chrysler is equipped with its original 218 cubic-inch engine and 3-speed manual transmission. The cost of this car new in 1930 was under US$1,000. 

Very few of these cars exist today in the US today and the car that Dennis is bringing to Cronulla is believed to be the only one of its kind in Australia.

In 2017; expect to see: 1938 Packard Convertible

Event Director, Ken Warburton has promised plenty of variety this year at our Show.

Here's an example of a car that will be making it's debut showing on Sunday, March 19th in Cronulla.

We'll be seeing a magnificent, elegant '30's era car. A 1938 Packard 120, straight 8 convertible.

1938 Packard 120, straight 8 convertible.
In its introduction year, the Packard One-Twenty was available in a broad array of body styles including two and four-door sedans, convertible and Club Coupe. 

The One-Twenty, weighing in at 3,688 lb (1,673 kg),was powered by an all-new Packard aluminum-head, in-line [straight] eight producing 110 bhp (82 kW) at 3850 rpm.

Prices ranged from US$980 for the three-passenger business coupe to US$1,095 for the Touring Sedan. 

Introduced in January 1935, the car was an immediate success with consumers, with Packard producing 24,995 One-Twentys, compared to 7,000 of all other type Packards for the year.

Another fine example of a
1938 Packard 120, straight 8 convertible.

Friday, 17 February 2017

News: Vintage Electric Train added to the show.

A chance meeting at a Cronulla business enterprise brought together two Cronulla-based vintage motor-bike and car enthusiasts. 

Local resident, Howard Collins, is the CEO of Sydney Trains and an avid vintage motor bike owner and enthusiast. Ken Warburton, owner & restorer of several vintage cars is the founder and event director for Cronulla's Pre-WWII Vintage Car & Bike Show.

Ken Warburton [left] and Sydney Trains CEO,
Howard Collins pose alongside Ken's vintage
1931 Ford Model A Tudor Sedan
outside the Cronulla RSL
Photo: Steve Core
The newly formed friendship has provided a real coup for our 2017 Show. Howard has utilised his connections with Transport Heritage NSW and has assisted in arranging the vintage 'Red Rattler' train to make some Shuttle runs for this year's show on Sunday 19th March.

A famous 4-car set, vintage electric train [once nick-named the 'Red Rattler'] will make 3 return shuttles between Cronulla and Sutherland on Sunday 19th March, 2017 during the Show.


The famous 'Red Rattler' conducting a heritage run
through Sydney's underground last year

As part of the Pre-WWII Vintage Car Show at Cronulla on Sunday 19 March, Transport Heritage NSW will be operating shuttles along the Cronulla Branch Line with Sydney's vintage electric 'Red Rattler' train.
Open to the public, anyone can take a short ride aboard this historic electric train from Cronulla Station to Sutherland and return. Boarding and disembarking is at Cronulla Station only. Total journey time 40-minutes.

Don't Miss Out - because tickets sell fast. To check the Vintage Train schedule and book tickets for Sunday March 19th: click here

The Sydney Bus Museum will also provide vintage
Sydney buses for static display in Cronulla 

The Sydney Bus Museum have kindly offered to provide two examples of Sydney's iconic buses for static display at our show. The vintage buses will be on display all day in the bus turnaround area adjacent to Cronulla Railway Station.

To make a Vintage Electric Train booking for March 19th now: - Click here

To check all Transport Heritage NSW's information: click here

To visit the Vintage Electric Train Facebook event's page: click here

To check out the Sydney Bus Museum click here.

Thursday, 16 February 2017

Shannons: Major sponsor again for 2017

Event Director, Ken Warbuton, announced this week that he was so happy to have Shannons Car Insurance back onboard as a major sponsor for our March 2017 Show.

"There's no doubt where their heart and passion lies... " says Ken, "they do have serious passion for cars and car lovers."

We want to thank Shannons for their continued support and dedication to all our vintage car and motorbike loving friends.

We encourage you to click here to visit the Shannons website and have a look at what they can do for you.

Thank you Shannons

Wednesday, 15 February 2017

2017 Show: - Major announcements coming soon ...

We are working hard to get our act finely balanced for Sunday 19th March, 2017.

Some big announcements coming soon ... stay tuned.

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Award: Pre-WWII Vintage Car and Bike Show

The Rotary Club of Cronulla which is the community group that is the driving work force behind the Cronulla Pre-WWII Vintage Car & Bike Show was recently acknowledged by the Sutherland Mayor, Carmelo Pesce, and Sutherland Shire Council as being the community group of the year.

Story & photos courtesy of the Leader Newspaper

Mark it on your calendars now ...

Location: Cronulla Mall, Cronulla Beach, NSW

Date: Sunday 19th March, 2017

Time: 9:00am thru to 4:00pm.

Cost: Entrance is free of charge

This is a community based, non-profit event and will once again be organised and run by volunteers from Cronulla Rotary with all funds raised donated to Sylvanvale.