Thursday, 14 April 2016

News: The very best of vintage British bikes at Tasmanian motorcycle show

On display in Hobart: The very best of vintage British bikes at Tasmanian motorcycle show

With a boom in tourism and population growth, the island state of Tasmania known for its colonial heritage also has some real hidden gems in vintage motorcycles. 

A recent show brought out some classics. It's worth close to a million dollars and is considered the “Bugatti of the motorbike world” by those in the know.

A 1938 Brough Superior took centre stage at the British Motorcycle Club of Tasmania’s classic motorcycle show in mid-March 2016, drawing thousands of patrons to Hobart's city's suburban Richmond Town Hall.

Howard Burrows with his British1910 Matchless. 
Pictures: Sam Rosewarne
“That bike will be worth $1 million in a few years time,” said event organiser Howard Burrows .

Mr Burrows said a club member bought the bike from the UK for $600,000 about a year ago. Mr Burrows said the bike’s original owner bought it new in 1938.

“He went to war in ’39 and couldn’t ride it anymore when he got back,” Mr Burrows said.

It sat untouched in pieces for many years before being snapped up by the Tasmanian buyer.

A British 1938 SS100 Brough Superior,
is valued at $600,000.
Mr Burrows said this year’s classic motorcycle show, which was held on March 12 & 13, 2016, had been the club’s most successful since it started holding the annual show four years ago.

He said the 49 motorcycles on display ranged from a 1910 model through to a new Triumph.

“It’s all about nostalgia,” he said.

“Most men in their 70s and 80s and older, they all had motorcycles when they were young ... They love to reminisce about them.”

But Mr Burrows said it wasn’t only men who loved to reminisce about motorcycles.

“I had a 92-year-old lady sit on my 1912 P&M. She said she used to have one when she was a girl,” he said.

Thanks to the Hobart Mercury for this story by Loretta Lohberger.