Monday, 22 February 2016

For March 20th: 1926 Ford Model T Ute

1926 Ford Model T Roundabout with Pickup body

This 1926 Ford Model T Ute
will be at our March 20th Show
Another classic vintage car that will be making a first appearance on the tiles of the Cronulla Mall on Sunday 20th March, 2016 is owned by Bill Webb. 

It's this gorgeous Burgundy coloured example of a 1926 Ford Model T Ute.

Ford Model T 'trucks' or utility vehicles aren't quite as common as the cars.

When you think about it, this ute came from the very era of American mobster Al Capone's days. 

You could easily imagine some of Capone's law-breaking mafia related family members knocking around in these trucks pedaling beer and booze in the gang's 1920s heydays. 

And chances are they didn't drive around with a sign on the side of the truck announcing who they were.

Standing guard over this truck
is a crankshaft pooch known
simply as 'Henry the dog'
Our guess is his name derived

from Henry Ford ...
And like any good Australian tradesman's ensemble this unique ute comes complete with its own pet: sitting next to the car's front left tyre is a 'crankshaft pooch'.

Standing guard is Henry the dog: A metal dog made up from old discarded spare Ford parts. Principally a crankshaft.

Photos are from the annual all Ford day in Sydney in November 2015.

What did this car sell for new back in the mid 1920s? Less than US $400.00, Have a look at the image we sourced on the very bottom of this post

Don't forget our big show day is Sunday 20th March, 2016 - when you'll be able to see this car [and dog] - up close and personal.

The Standard Ford Model T Runabout
with Pickup Body
Retailed in the US in the mid-1920s
for US $381.00

[click to enlarge]

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