Monday, 22 February 2016

For March 20th: 1926 Ford Model T Ute

1926 Ford Model T Roundabout with Pickup body

This 1926 Ford Model T Ute
will be at our March 20th Show
Another classic vintage car that will be making a first appearance on the tiles of the Cronulla Mall on Sunday 20th March, 2016 is owned by Bill Webb. 

It's this gorgeous Burgundy coloured example of a 1926 Ford Model T Ute.

Ford Model T 'trucks' or utility vehicles aren't quite as common as the cars.

When you think about it, this ute came from the very era of American mobster Al Capone's days. 

You could easily imagine some of Capone's law-breaking mafia related family members knocking around in these trucks pedaling beer and booze in the gang's 1920s heydays. 

And chances are they didn't drive around with a sign on the side of the truck announcing who they were.

Standing guard over this truck
is a crankshaft pooch known
simply as 'Henry the dog'
Our guess is his name derived

from Henry Ford ...
And like any good Australian tradesman's ensemble this unique ute comes complete with its own pet: sitting next to the car's front left tyre is a 'crankshaft pooch'.

Standing guard is Henry the dog: A metal dog made up from old discarded spare Ford parts. Principally a crankshaft.

Photos are from the annual all Ford day in Sydney in November 2015.

What did this car sell for new back in the mid 1920s? Less than US $400.00, Have a look at the image we sourced on the very bottom of this post

Don't forget our big show day is Sunday 20th March, 2016 - when you'll be able to see this car [and dog] - up close and personal.

The Standard Ford Model T Runabout
with Pickup Body
Retailed in the US in the mid-1920s
for US $381.00

[click to enlarge]

Thursday, 18 February 2016

Media Release: Shannons join us as a Major Sponor

Motoring Insurance Group Shannons signs up as a Major Sponsor for 2016

The Event Organiser of the Pre-WWII Vintage Car & Bike Show; Ken Warbuton said he was very excited and pleased to announce today that the Motoring Insurance Group Shannons has signed up and committed to be a Major Sponsor.

Ken said, Shannons, were a minor sponsor last year at our first 2015 event, but in a show of rising confidence in our Sunday 20th March, 2016 upcoming event, Shannons have stepped up beyond the mark and taken on the role of the event's major sponsor.

Because it's their core business, Shannons are involved in many motoring events across Australia as they specialise in motoring enthusiast's car and bike insurance, home insurance and CTP. Shannons also conduct motoring enthusiast Auctions.

To visit the Shannons website click here

The Pre-WWII Vintage Car & Bike Show is a free community based event and every cent raised goes towards the Sylvanvale Foundation.

Date: Sunday 20th March, 2016

Venue: Cronulla Mall, Cronulla Beach, NSW

Time: 9:00am until 4:00pm

To see the list of all of our open-handed event sponsors, please visit our Sponsors Page

Vespa in Taren Point & Cronulla

Raffle 1st Prize: Rosso Dragon Vespa Sprint 150 Scooter 

Our Monster Raffle tickets
are just $5.00 each
First prize in our 2016 Monster Raffle - our Rosso Dragon Vespa Sprint 150 Scooter - is currently in the showroom of Trend Tyrepower in Taren Point.

If you're in the market for new tyres then it's worth a look at the Trend Tyrepower showroom. You can even browse the tyre products and shop on-line. 

The Scooter will be on display until Saturday 20th February at Trend. The Scooter then moves down to the Cronulla Mall.

Trend Tyrepower is located at 1-3 Endeavour Road in Taren Point. Phone (02) 9524 2218.

For full details of all our prizes in the 2016 Monster raffle - please visit our: Raffle Page.

Saturday 20th February, 2016 will see our gleaming, new red Rosso Dragon Vespa Sprint 150 Scooter on public display in the Cronulla Mall all day while Cronulla Rotary volunteers sell our $5.00 raffle tickets.

The Rosso Dragon Vespa Sprint 150 Scooter will also return for a full day of raffle ticket sales in the Cronulla Mall on Saturday 27th February - the location will be outside the old Commonwealth Bank by the flagpole.

To visit the Trend Tyrepower website click here
For a map to Trend Tyrepower see Google Maps below

For tyres in the Sutherland Shire:
Trend Tyrepower
1-3 Endeavour Road in Taren Point

Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Motoring journalist, Hannah Elliott of Bloomberg Pursuits took this 1914 Model T for a spin

What happens when Bloomberg Pursuits’ Motoring expert, Hannah Elliott jumps behind the wheel of a 1914 Model T Ford ...

Starting in 1908, Henry Ford sold his novel Model T cars as the first to be really accessible to the masses. What’s more, he marketed them as easy to handle for casual drivers and (gasp!) women since they started with a button rather than a crank. 

Thing is, those old Model T Fords were still pretty complicated to drive. 

Bloomberg Pursuits is the luxury magazine for the elite and elusive network of global achievers who subscribe to the Bloomberg Professional Service. Re-imagined for 2016, the new Pursuits is an essential guide to the best things in life—it’s smart, unique and above all else - it can be fun. 

Bloomberg Pursuits’ Motoring Journalist, Hannah Elliott stepped back in time and took a 1914 Model T for a spin - but first she needed a driving lesson. Check out the video below, shot around the Ford Headquarters in the Winter time in a crisp Dearborn, Michigan.

At the 2015 New York Motor Show:
Hannah Elliott reviews the Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe
which is big, heavy and bold.
Meant to showcase Rolls’ popular and profitable bespoke programme.
This car will set you back nearly US$560,000

Sunday, 14 February 2016

From Sunday Feb 14th - 5 Weeks to go ...

The Countdown is on folks ....

From Sunday 13th February - just 5 weeks to go to our Big Show Day  ... so mark it on your calendar now. That's the weekend before the Easter weekend.

Pre-WWII Vintage Car & Bike Show

Show Date: Sunday 20th March, 2016
Location: Cronulla Mall, Cronulla

*Free entry for all events

*100% of all proceeds go to Sylvanvale 

Report: Raffle Tickets sales in Cronulla

Raffle ticket sales in Cronulla Mall on Saturday 13th February, 2016

For Saturday 13th February, 2106 the Pre-WWII Vintage Car & Bike Show Event Organiser, Ken Warburton said that he decided to try something different to attract attention for our Monster raffle ticket sales in the Cronulla Mall.

As a crowd drawer, this week we used
the 1931 Model A Ford Tudor, 2-door 
Delux Sedan to help sell raffle tickets 
in the Cronulla mall.
In his report for the day's trading, Ken said; "I decided that I would tow the bike trailer with our brand new Rosso Dragon Vespa Sprint 150 Scooter loaded on board with my 1931 Model A Ford Tudor 2 door Delux Sedan as the prime mover". 

For full details of our Monster raffle please visit our Raffle Page

Under clear blue skies, I entered the Cronulla Mall all hot to trot at 0745 hrs. I set up the display by 0825 hrs. waiting for the punters to attack me for raffle tickets. It was perfect Summer's day, hot and sunny and the mall was full of shoppers and beach-goers.

I could have sold my Model A Ford to heaps of people, as it really attracted lots of attention. The display looked great Ken said, and at at one point there were five different people all taking photos of our display on their mobile phones. 

Having my 1931 Model A Ford Tudor 2 door Delux Sedan here has really helped raise awareness of our big Show - which is now only 5-weeks away. It was also a perfect opportunity to explain to interested onlookers about the broad range of cars and bikes that will be on display in the Cronulla Mall on Sunday, 20th March, 2016.

The bear sits atop the red
Rosso Dragon Vespa Sprint 150 Scooter
which is 1st prize in our raffle

Ken was joined on the display for the day by two volunteer Cronulla Rotary members. Carol joined me for the morning period and Cheryl was there for the afternoon session, thank you ladies for your help. 

Additionally this week Ken said he would also like to acknowledge Ray and Maria Moran, who were kind enough to display the Vespa Motor Scooter and sell raffle tickets in the show room of their Trend Tyrepower tyre business a
t 1-3 Endeavour Road in Taren Point.

I was pleasantly surprised when I went to pick up the Vespa Scooter late on Friday afternoon. There waiting for me was $385.00 in raffle ticket sales. A fantastic effort I thought, and every little bit helps. Thanks to all the staff at Trend Tyrepower, so if you are a Shire local and you are looking for new tyres - please go have a chat the very good folk down at Trend in Taren Point. They'll look after you.

We are back in Cronulla Mall selling our raffle tickets next Saturday 20th February, 2016.

And a final reminder that there is only 5 WEEKS to go now until the Big day in Cronulla Mall.

Pre-WWII Vintage Car & Bike Show is a free community event with all profits & proceeds going to Sylvanvale.

Click here to visit the Taren Point-based Trend Tyrepower website.

Saturday, 6 February 2016

104-year old 1912 Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost

World Record Price at Goodwood Festival of Speed
for this 1912 Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost

One Pre-WWII Vintage car that will not be at Cronulla on Sunday 20th March 2016 is this 1912 Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost that sold recently at auction at the Goodwood Festival of Speed in the UK for an astonishing £4,705,500, making it the most expensive Rolls-Royce ever sold at auction.

In a salute to British motoring opulence and craftsmanship this magnificent time capsule came complete with ivory and silver fittings, silk door panels and china tea service.  

Unique: This 104-year-old Silver
 Ghost Rolls-Royce has sold
for a 
world-record price of £5million

[click to enlarge]
While it only manages just six miles to the gallon and has a top speed of only 60mph.

This 104-year-old Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost has zoomed into the world record books, selling at auction for almost £5million following a fierce bidding war amongst wealthy collectors.

It was originally purchased for £1,000 in 1912 (almost £93,000 in today’s money) but has now gone under the hammer for £4,705,500.

Unique: This 104-year-old Silver Ghost Rolls-Royce has sold for a world-record price of £5million after a furious budding war at Bonhams

In great nick: The six-cylinder, 
7.3-litre car comes with perfect provenance
and is still purring smoothly after 104 years.
[click to enlarge]
Through the roof: The lengthy auction saw two enthusiasts duelling for the pristine car as the bidding went up in increments of £100,000, smashing past the £2million estimate

In great nick: The six-cylinder, 7.3-litre car comes with perfect provenance and is still purring smoothly, doing about 15 miles to the gallon.

What it lacks in gadgetry, the British-made classic more than compensates for with an extraordinary level of luxury that leaves its modern-day counterparts looking a little unsophisticated.

Interiors were chosen to resemble luxurious
US Pullman Railway carriages
[click to enlarge] 
It's gleaming interior fittings are made of silver and ivory, while the door panels are embroidered silk, with brocade tassels attached to silk window shades for privacy.

The sale took place at the Goodwood Festival of Speed in West Sussex on
Friday. Auctioneers had expected it to sell for around £2million and were
astonished when the bidding between two rival collectors topped £4million.

James Knight, from Bonhams auctioneers, said: ‘There were three serious bidders, then one of them dropped out at £2.3million and we thought it would end there.

Travelling in style: The design chosen by its original owner echoed the luxurious 'Pullman' Railway carriages pioneered by American George Pullman.

Luxurious: The elegant passenger 
compartment complete with 29
beveled glass windows.
Luxurious: The elegant passenger compartment (left) complete with 29
beveled glass windows and the stylish steering wheel.

But then another bidder entered and the bidders were dueling.

It went up in increments of £50,000, and then £100,000, and then back down to £50,000.

It went on and on and on and was the longest car sale ever witnessed by most enthusiasts.

It was pure theatre. Everyone was very respectful but when the price reached a milestone, like £3million, there was an intake of breath. The bidders were dueling and when the hammer came down there was spontaneous applause.

Mark of history; a plate on the
firewall bearing the vehicle's 
chassis production number of 1907
It was fitting because the car is celebrating her centenary. The car was commissioned by Rolls-Royce connoisseur John M. Stephens, who also bought the first Silver Ghost the luxury car-maker produced in 1906.

The body was built by former royal carriage-maker Barker’s of Mayfair,
which had previously built coaches for King George III and Queen Victoria.

The car even had an early speedometer – an important addition given that a 20mph speed limit was introduced in 1912. Unlike most car enthusiasts of his time, Mr Stephens, from Croydon, South London, asked the makers not to include a glass division window between the driver and the passengers as he wanted to drive it himself rather than rely on a chauffeur.

The car’s distinctive cream and green design echoed the luxury ‘Pullman’ Railway carriages of the time, and it was known as a Double Pullman Limousine.

Footwell mark: The body was built 
by former royal carriage-maker 
Barker’s of Mayfair
But it was nicknamed ‘the Corgi Silver Ghost’ in the 1960s after the toy-maker based its Silver Ghost toy car on this model.

Mr Stephens’s car is believed to be the only one of its kind to survive with its full interior and bodywork, as many Rolls-Royces from the era were converted into ambulances during the First World War.

Auctioneer Bonhams said: ‘It is a statement of refinement, grace and gentility that for many defines the qualities and the Edwardian period in which Rolls-Royce established the unsurpassed reputation it still enjoys today.’

The rear passenger compartment.
Nil compliance for seat belts in 1906
The identity of the anonymous telephone bidders has not been revealed but sadly Bonhams has confirmed the car will now be leaving Britain once more.

The vehicle left Britain in 1992 after it was bought by a US-based enthusiast. A Texas lawyer bought it from him in 2007 for £1.9million and kept it until 2009, when he was killed in a crash in a different car.

The Rolls was then sold once again before the latest seven-hour auction, which saw more than 80 cars go under the hammer for a combined £22million.

Astonishingly, the Silver Ghost was not the most expensive lot. That honour went to a 1929 ‘Blower’ Bentley single-seater racing car, which sold for £5,042,000, the highest price ever for a British car at auction. In 1932, fighter pilot and Le Mans winner Sir Henry Birkin set a 137mph speed record in the Bentley, described as the 'Concorde' of its time.

Pre-WWII Vintage Car & Bike Show

Show Date: Sunday 20th March, 2016
Location: Cronulla Mall, Cronulla

Free entry for all events

Wednesday, 3 February 2016

A new Ghost to appear in Cronulla ...

1938 Rolls-Royce Wraith

This stately example of an Australian-owned pre-WWII Rolls-Royce Wraith will make its debut showing on the tiles of the Cronulla Mall on Sunday 20th March, 2016.

This formerly British-based vehicle features
side panels in Burgundy, offset with
Black panels on top, boot and
wheel wells.
This noble car is typical of its British class and style has some perfectly regal bloodlines. It was once owned by Lady Nancy Astor, [1879-1965] the first female to become a member of the British Parliament by occupying a seat in the House of Commons.

Beside her political activities, American born Viscountess Nancy Astor, married William Waldorf Astor in 1906. 

The Astors were leading figures in British Society and entertained many notable figures and world leaders at their country home Clivedon House in Berkshire, UK. 

Finding its way to the Southern Hemisphere, during another part of its vice-regal life, the car served as the official vehicle in a former British Colony for the Governor of the New Hebrides [now known as Vanuatu].

To start their lives, all Rolls-Royce Wraiths were manufactured by Rolls-Royce in the East Midlands at their Derby factory from 1938 to 1939 and then supplied to various independent coach builders.

Vehicle restoration included
loving attention to the fine detail of
all the rear passenger compartment's

wood paneling.
This car is presented to us after having received the full restoration services of Australia's Vintage Vehicle Services

The makeover included retimbering of the front door pillars, full repaint and re-chrome, all interior timber paneling restored to its former glory and the accompanying trim replaced.

Typical of its limousine style fit-out requirements of the day, the car features an electrically operated glass division between the driver and the passengers and additionally a privacy screen for the rear window. 

TRIVIA QUESTION: What does the word Wraith actually mean? 

ANSWER: Wraith is an old Scottish word meaning ghost or spirit ...

The imposing luxury of the 
rear passenger compartment 
The rear compartment comfortably seats two passengers with ample leg room, while the forward compartment seats the car's driver plus and an assistant. 

Rolls-Royce Wraiths featured in the 1947 romantic comedy movie: My Favourite Brunette starring Bob Hope.

Visit Lady Astor's Clivedon House mansion in Berkshire, UK or even stay there - it's now a B&B. Click here to have a look.

This majestic vehicle comes to us with the courtesy of Sydney-based Vintage Vehicle Services - who specialise in vehicle restoration, repair and hire of Vintage vehicles. For more details about them, please visit their website by clicking here.

Pre-WWII Vintage Car & Bike Show

Show Date: Sunday 20th March, 2016
Location: Cronulla Mall, Cronulla

Free entry for all events