Thursday, 24 December 2015

Vintage cars, surfing, cute girls - what Cronulla is all about ...

Cars, girls & surfing - what Cronulla is all about ...

This is what having a Pre-WWII Vintage Car & Bike Show in Sydney's beach-side town of Cronulla is all about folks. Vintage cars, surfing and throw in some cute girls.

You won't be disappointed when our multi-million dollar range of vintage vehicles & bikes hit the tiles and sand of Cronulla Mall on Sunday 20th March 2016.

Perhaps we should offer some car tow-in surfing on the day. What do you think?

Cronulla's main street and mall has never been flooded.
We have real waves just 300m from the Main Street 
Cronulla Mall - where our cars & bikes will be on show.

Show Date: Sunday 20th March, 2016
Location: Cronulla Mall, Cronulla

Free entry for all events

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Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Our event poster for you to share ...

We've just released this poster for our show on 20th March 2016. It's perfect for sharing with your friends to let them know all the details of the show.

Please help spread the word and share it 'on line' with everyone you know that will be interested in attending our bigger & better, 2nd annual event. Thanking you so much.

(just double click on it and save it as an image - then share).

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Monday, 14 December 2015

If Henry Ford ever built a Model T Camper ... it might have looked like this ...

1927 Model 'T' Camper

Another unique pre-WWII vehicle that will be on static display for our Show on 20th March, 2016 in Cronulla will be this unique, and one-off Model 'T' Camper.

Gary Amesbury's 1927 Model 'T' Camper
Circumnavigated Australia in 2008
Owners Gary and Marilyn Amesbury of Sydney, will bring their 1927 pride and joy to the Cronulla Mall to join our host of other unique pre-1939 vehicles.

This especially fitted out 1927 Model T Camper circumnavigated Australia in the Centenary Model 'T' Tour in 2008.

Along with 7 other Model Ts, the group raised money for the Royal Flying Doctors. The year 2008 was chosen because it marked the 100th Anniversary of the launch of the first Model T Ford in Australia in 1908.

Clocking up an impressive total of 20,000km, the journey took 180 days to complete. From April 20th to October 9th in 2008.

Because Model 'T' Fords can only travel on the open road at around 60km/h, Gary worked out that with the total distance he intended to travel, the journey would take approximately 6 months to complete. 



Gary planned for clocking up around 300km per day. His calculations would have to allow for travelling time and to build plenty of time for sightseeing. To keep costs within a reasonable budget, Gary figured that there have to be some camping included.
Gary's self designed camper conversion featured a
workable kitchen on the right-hand side.

There were eight other Model 'T's that started the trip, one towed a teardrop caravan and one towed a camper trailer. Three of the other owners carried tents or stayed in cabins.

"In it's day - the Model T Ford was particularly valued for its high road clearance & its ability to ride over bumps... "

Gary based the body for the camper on a 1920s style commercial van and featured a fold-out bed on the driver's side, a kitchen on the opposite side. Curtains separate the kitchen from the central storage area. The central space was used for general storage. 

The need for remote power on the road and at camping sites was addressed by using an onboard Canverter from Engel. That gave the Amesbury's 12V or 240V power, to run all appliances, including a small fridge and lights.

The Canverter plugged into the cigarette lighter and also enabled charging of modern day luxuries like mobile phones, digital camera batteries and laptop computers.

The Camper's fold out bed and extendable awning
shelter and a dry, snug place for 
social events with fellow campers.  
Roll down canvas walls provided camp site privacy and protection from the elements.

Gary and Marilyn enjoyed the slow nature of the trip and felt they got to see a lot more of the sights due to the steady pace of daily travel of a non-conventional vehicle.

Throughout the entire journey they received plenty of support from strangers. Mechanics, spare parts and offers of a work shop quickly materialsed whenever the group had the inevitable mechanical problems.



Show Date: Sunday 20th March, 2016
Location: Cronulla Mall, Cronulla
Free entry for all events

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Friday, 4 December 2015

15 Weeks to go ...

The countdown is on folks ... make sure you mark the date on your calendars now.

T minus 15 weeks and counting.

Event Organiser Ken Warburton continues to sign-up an exciting range of pre-WWII vintage cars and bikes for next year's Cronulla Show.

Sunday March 20th - 2016